How quickly life changes.

How quickly life changes – as the old cliché goes!

We have made the move to Qld. It has been a massive change and a long story in so many ways with times of confusion and uncertainty as we transition into this next chapter of our lives. It has only been five months and yet I feel this transition time reveals so much each day about – me. The days are what I make them so “noticing” my thoughts and their potential for creating my day (“the weather”), has been a real learning experience. Feelings of being “lost” (and you are aware of it), can trigger heightened emotions of fear and anxiety concerning thoughts of loss, regret and grief. Can theses emotions be controlled or is it possible to manage these thoughts and feelings? Now that is a great place to start, the beginning or more rightly … your “mind”.

Thoughts and feelings just “are”!! They just appear however; what we choose to do with them is “management”. So, while I have been quiet for a while, I have also been practicing on myself so that my new learning may be of some value to others. Oh, and I must include a Leunig (Michael Leunig 2015), he masters the thoughts magnificently.

Until next time – good health and be safe. If you would like to have a chat, please go to contact details.