Mirror Me

“Mirror Me”

A while ago I inherited an old, large mirror that was gifted to me by a very special person that I loved very dearly and lost far too soon. For some reason I could not part with it even though it was scratched in the middle which was very obvious from some side angles however; when viewed “front on” the damage was hardly visible. So, I decided to stored it carefully for about 30 years, amongst all the other mixed memories of a time long past.

One day I was sorting out a few things and came across it again. I knew I had to do something with it even though it was badly scratched in the middle, but I could not let it go! So, I flipped my thinking and decided to have it beautifully framed. The question of course is “Why?

The “Mirror” became one of my most valued forms of Living Art of which only very few ask about. The Mirror takes pride of place in our home …. such a Lesley thing! 

The Mirror’s purpose had gone beyond being an instant, physical reflection. The Mirror now captures the present and the past. It has become a meaningful reminder to me of the indelible marks that time and life experiences have on our being. If someone is brave enough to ask about the Mirror then the meaning is revealed. I think those that don’t ask are probably being very kind!

At times I catch glimpses of the scratches and remember; at other times I don’t see the scratches at all and just appreciate the NOW and how beautiful and precious it is framed.

The Mirror is an analogy for us all wherever we are in our lives. The scratches may still be there, but they will become a little less visible and painful if you view your world “front on”. That is when I can be of support for you!

Thank you and kindness always – Lesley.

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P.S If you look closely at the Mirror, you’ll see a little target type scratch almost in the middle.

Once you see it you can’t miss it – good looking!