Demystifying Coaching

Ok, you probably can see that I am trying to demystify what Coaching really is. As you can see it is a casual conversation that drives deep into the thoughts and processing of the client. It is the thought processing of the past that leads the thought processing of future decisions. When it is revealed to the client what they have been doing and what has been driving the thinking; it is a very deep and honest revelation to the client. That is such a special moment to share!

Sometimes we get so stuck in our thinking that we lose our direction for going forward. Many, many things cause this, mainly past and present life experiences; then all of a sudden or gradually the individual comes to the realisation that they are in fact hooked into a way of living that is not rich in meaning but rather rich in avoidance strategies. Sounds familiar? That really is our “mind” keeping us safe (that’s its job). So, this “mind default” position of safety and certainty will hook you into complacency and behaviours that can be possibly harmful to general well-being and relationships if you are unaware of what is really happening. However; if you feel you want MORE than it is time to see what you do want. Through ACT we explore your world and your ability to NOTICE how your thinking is controlling your life and those around you. It is so exciting to explore other extraordinary possibilities for your life and develop forward thinking and planning for taking that first step. Remember it is your life, you are entitled to feel fulfilled so; rise like a kite and face the wind – the view is breathtaking!