3rd Thoughts on the realities of our Modern World and the place of Happiness

Recently I heard a young man on the radio, discussing his life and how he had suffered as an adolescent from depression and anxiety – he started taking antidepressants in his teens.

The young man talked of “pain” with his depression. The doctor explained that with medication and adjustments to dosages, the depression and anxiety (a chemical imbalance in the brain), would be under control. This young man now (39yrs), is Johann Hari and he believed that this was true however; the pain always returned and the doctor continued to increase the medication dosage.

Johanne had begun a medication cycle that troubled him deeply and so he began to question:
• Why aren’t I getting better taking my medication after all these years?
• What if depression is something more complex, something bigger and something more obvious”?
• What if this state of mind was in response to how I was living my life, expectations made of me, how my needs and fears were being met; in other words the impact of the Modern World in which I live?
• What if my anxiety and depression is more than I have been led to believe?
• How come I can’t feel Happiness?

So began a personal and professional journey for Johann to find out more about the meaning of the “pain” he felt with his mental wellbeing.
Johann also began a physical and academic journey (3 years), this resulted in his latest book; Lost Connections: Uncovering the real causes of depression – and the unexpected solutions

Driving his search for answers was his thinking:
• What if depression is in fact a form of grief (emotional pain), for our lives not being as they should?
• What if depression a signal that there is something wrong with the way we are living?
• What if depression is a form of grief for the connections that we have lost but still need?
• What is the path back to wellness – reconnection?

When I heard Johann talking about his journey and adventures along the way in writing this book, it was highly evident that he had discovered so many truths about being human. His findings are clear; thoughts on Happiness of both Einstein and the Dalai Lama as previously stated are even more relevant today and possibly more tomorrow.

Reconnection is about being a part of the Modern or Contemporary World and playing your part the way, you want! Mindfully notice, listen and focus on your connections; you’ll know what to do. Take action and do something to add value to your connections.

If this has provoked some thinking for you – then that is exactly what it was meant to do.

As always, may we give your best to those that share your amazing world.

So grateful that this life always brings me back to reality and what is important – no matter what.

In the meantime, stop and see how far you have come. Only look for the best, expect the best and be your best. Decide what you need to do to make it happen 😉💓.

Feeling STUCK – that’s ok! Feeling this way will indicate that “change” is what you are seeking and it brings with it an element of uncertainty to mind. This is also a time of “shedding” – notice what is happening around you to begin with. Decide on the thinking that is helpful to you.
Kindness does have a ripple effect 😉.

Thinking positively is a skill – by human nature, it does not come easily. Most skills we learn come with time. Sometimes this skill is innate or a gift. The beginning of the skill is to NOTICE when your thoughts are not helpful to you or others. For most of us we need to practice this thinking like a fine instrument to the mastery level.
What master do you choose for your thinking?