Challenges we share today

Well, we certainly have had a very challenging and brutal Summer and as we venture into 2020 that ride of challenging times – continues. All of a sudden, our global human existence enters a place of uncertainty and we continue with our conscious daily lives. Subconsciously however; that voice of our mind alerts us to danger (that’s its job) and possibilities that are beyond our control albeit, there will always be something each of us can do to manage our thoughts and feelings with any situation – no matter how trivial or traumatic it may appear.

Valuing another’s thoughts is essential for effective communication and respect. To do otherwise may be communicated as trivializing another’s way of thinking and that could possibly add to a negative perception of the “self”.

How we perceive traumatic events to be: environmental, global, experiential, psychological, physical, emotional; there is a body of literature suggesting that some people exposed to even the most traumatic of events may perceive in time, at least some good emerging from their struggle. This is a massive concept to consider. It is not said lightly. The concept is termed the development of Post Traumatic Growth (Journal of Traumatic Stress, Vol.9 No.3, 1996).

So, what positive changes are considered possible (variables e.g. of time, gender, severity, type …)? At least three broad categories of perceived benefits have been identified: changes in self-perception, changes in interpersonal relationships, and a changed philosophy of life.
Highly developed Coaching skills targeting the process of coping with traumatic events (ACT Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Trauma), encourages forward momentum for leaving the past, living in the now and exploring and creating rich and meaningful possibilities for the future – a purposeful life plan.

If you or anyone you know is seeking professional Mindset/Life Coaching guidance, I would be delighted to assist the best I possibly can. No matter what your situation is right now (career, relationship/s, anxiety, depression, study, HSC preparation …), we can make a positive difference. We both have so much to gain together.

Please contact me as appropriate for any details and additional enquires you may require.

Kindness always and a chat is always welcome – Lesley.