• Be true to who you are!”
  • So, the next question would have to be – Who ARE you?

I don’t think the Eagle has a problem with “Identity” however; we often do as we navigate through our lives – throughout our time. So, who are YOU? Take some quiet time and reflect on your -“self”. Try to describe “you” with adjectives and verbs rather than nouns – this will lead you in the right direction. Notice when others use the word “should” when offering advice or opinions. As someone once said,

“Be alert when someone SHOULDS on you!” This word (should), is a warning to you that your true identity may be compromised by others. Seek what you need to achieve your true identity. Your identity that matters to you – outstanding and truly remarkable. Bit like the Eagle!

Hopefully by now, you have been able to describe/identify the “sum” of “who you are?”

I used the word “sum” for a reason. We are who we need to be wherever we are. Our environment has a huge impact on our behaviour, actions and consequently – our identity at that time.

So the “sum” is alluding to the “parts” that make up you. I’m sure you have said, “There is a part of me that wants to ….” whatever you are trying to describe about yourself, at that time. Therefore, our parts make up our identity and are triggered by our environment and our feelings. Notice when you feel you want to recognise a part of you – all this belongs to the sum of who you are.

Be mindful of identifying too strongly to your career or other life responsibilities. You are far more than your career however; you bring to your career WHO you really are which creates your work ethic, skills and relationships. Remember this identification will more than likely be a “noun.” This is where we name or label who we need to be. This part of you is more closely attached to your ego.

Who you really are is always within you and revealed to those that you have a strong connection with and trust. This is exactly the person or people to ask who you really are.

Go for it!

Mindset or Life Coaching helps you to discover many things about yourself especially who you really are and what you really want. This is a reality journey (my Coaching), which is designed to take you way out of your comfort zone at times to expose and admit to what has been holding you back so that you can achieve a rich and meaningful life.

We all go through times of feeling that there must be “more for me” or other negative thoughts that “compare” ourselves to others. Coupled with this can be heavy feelings of ungratefulness (or dare I say guilt), for what you have and achieved. Putting this aside for a moment, consider that this is your mind tinkering with your thoughts. For when you are considering a change that may unsettle your life and bring a degree of uncertainty – you may feel stuck and stall or procrastinate to a point where you stop going forward. This compounds your negative thoughts of perhaps not being good enough for the challenge you may have considered.

The mind is doing exactly what it is supposed to do – trying to keep you safe! Blame and circumstances are the mind’s tools to justify inaction and remaining in a “holding pattern”.

Once you know this, then you are ready to acknowledge your thinking positively and consider your plan and action to go forward.
“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances.” George Bernard Shaw.

I believe that if we are constantly telling our self the same old story of blaming our circumstances for holding back our life – then it is time to reconsider your thinking. You have choices and the right to a very rich and meaningful life. The life you want – not what others or circumstances expect. Do something to begin your spiral upwards!

By the way, if you look upwards you will always see perfect, magnificent, inspiration – this is the beginning.

I called my Life Coaching business Performance and Transformational Coaching for many reasons because that is exactly what happens to us throughout the passages of time in all of our lives. We Perform and Transform …. Grow.

We tend to think at times that what we are going through maybe lonely, unfair, cruel, miserable, hard, terrifying and so on however; we rarely comprehend at that time that someone else maybe experiencing something very similar. We all have these times and it is not until you meet someone and have a moment of truth between each other that you instantly connect and reflect with raw honesty. This moment in life uplifts you as you share your stories often with tears or perhaps laughter as you reflect on what happened and the outcome. There has been change and there has been growth.

Often our stories have been a test that has challenged us to survive. Testing does cause change and yes, this gives personal growth – or transformation. Only you can decide which way to go because you are moving in time no matter the level of discomfort. Remember our mind wants to keep us safe and certain whereas life and truly living creates uncertainty and sometimes even perilous risks as we decide to choose development, growth and transformation to another point of life.

I challenge you to care about yourself a little more to choose something to help you grow through whatever may be concerning you right now. This is called living. Now you know a little more of what my mission in life is – to guide you to perform and transform you into your next time of life.
Take care and please contact me if you would like to chat.
Lots more to come on the commonalities of life for all of us (yes all), as we venture on.

Don’t forget to look up – you will be amazed at what you will notice and how much more you will smile.