10 months ago

I commend Lesley Sayers for her coaching skills.  Her sensitivity and insight have been applied to identify a need and support me in a time of crisis in my own life.  Her amazing ability to identify a time of stress and come forward to lend a hand was a great comfort in circumstances when it is not always easy to find support and help when needed.  Her selflessness and resourcefulness are a credit to her.   Lesley has a kind, caring attitude to other people and her generosity of spirit and willingness to give of herself, is a credit to her.  I believe her abilities and attitude is a great asset to society.  Her study and insight have brought an understanding of important issues in life and she willingly passes this on.   I have no hesitation in recommending her to others in need of support.

Janice, thank you so much for your kind words and insightful reflections of our time together. So much has happened to you and your life during this transition time of change. You have found what brings you the greatest of joys as a deeply creative and intelligent human being who continues to make a strong impact on those that you have discovered that share your great love – the life you have chosen to now live so well. Congratulations and thank you once again Janice for allowing me to share time with you to discover new growth for a far more happy and fulfilling life. Kind thoughts always – Lesley. Lesley Sayers & Associates P&T Coaching.


10 months ago

I was first attracted to Coaching when I started reading some personal development books. I always believed in life- long learning and it’s a value I treasure. What soon became apparent was that I needed to experience some Coaching for myself, to go beyond some self-limiting beliefs I intuitively knew were holding me back from achieving my dreams and goals. Lesley assured me there was nothing wrong with me, and that there was nothing to “fix” about me, what a relief! It was from this point that Lesley used her skill and intuition to guide me to the results I was seeking in my life. If you are curious and have an open mind and are seeking the results in your life that have eluded you for so long, I would highly recommend Lesley for her professional, caring and compassionate style of coaching. Lesley challenged me when I needed it and I felt empowered after every session. Lesley showed me how to build on my already existing strengths and how to begin to confirm and align the values.

Kerry, thank you so much for your kind words and thoughtful reflection. You have really sorted what Coaching is all about and I am thrilled that you benefited from my Coaching processes. Taking you from where you chose to be, to where you wanted to be was always going to be test of your willingness to shift the past and jump into the unknown … the future. You were an active participant; soaking up all that I could offer and was appropriate for you. That is what makes Coaching a powerful resource for personal development, when you know you are searching for more in your life to make sound choices for strong action. Thank you Kerry and enjoy your wonderful life – Lesley. Lesley Sayers & Associates P&T Coaching.


A year ago

I would like to express how grateful I am to you. Those one-hour sessions (1 and a half really), created subtle changes in my behaviour and thinking, that have had a profound and positive impact on my life.   I haven’t changed, I’m still me, but I’m happier, more excited and comfortable.  I’m the better me.  And I feel especially grateful for your continuing thoughts. I keep telling everyone about my sessions with you and the positive effects I’m creating from them.  I want people to know that they don’t have to feel miserable, that they deserve to have the things they want.  But want I learnt most is that I need to make the changes to get want I want, no one else can do it for me.   Thanks again Lesley for everything.  I will always have your words in the back of my mind.  When I do come to a challenge time in my life, I would like to call on you.

Caroline, it was a pleasure working with you and seeing you become more empowered with your life – this is what Coaching is all about. Limiting complications and confronting challenges allowed you to move forward and create a far more rich and meaningful life. Congratulations for being proactive with seeking the mindset Coaching (P&T), to support you in what you wanted for your life. Always connected, rise and fly – Lesley. Lesley Sayers & Associates P&T Coaching


A year ago

I contacted Lesley as I was lost in my world of modern life. We worked together for 7 weeks one session a week and by the end I had direction, drive, goals and a fresh look on life. I enjoyed her friendly professional service and would recommend her services to anyone wanting to improve themselves. Five stars! Thank you Lesley.

Thank you, Darren, you did all the work I just prodded you a little. Always a valued experience for us both – you were looking for me and I was looking for you – bingo🎉! Keep in touch and enjoy the road trip😉😊 – Lesley. Lesley Sayers & Associates P&T Coaching